Molecular Testing

We have developed two unprecedented molecular tests to predict drug response to standard cancer chemotherapy with platinum drugs. These tests will improve personalized treatment by identifying patients who are responsive to the standard chemotherapy regimen. Thus, our technology allows physicians to confidently avoid prescribing ineffective drugs to chemo-refractory patients and direct them to more effective, alternative therapies based on the patient’s molecular characteristics. This method is based on our discovery of two proprietary glycan biomarkers, whose cell-surface overexpression is associated with drug susceptibility.

Our studies have focused on ovarian cancer, however evidence suggests that our method may be applicable to a wide range of cancers, such as lung, testicular, bladder, head and neck, melanoma, late-stage cervical, lymphomas and myelomas, which are primarily treated by first-line platinum chemotherapy regimens.

*AccuDava, Inc. has been awarded a Phase I-SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) grant from the National Cancer Institute (NCI).