Team Members

Team Members

We are a group of experienced medical scientists, oncologists, and business development experts dedicated to improving personalized medicine in cancer chemotherapy.


Dr. Nahid Razi, PH.D.
CEO, Founder
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Dr. Zohreh AkhavanAghdam, PhD




Hedi Jafari, M.B.A., MSc., EA.
MSc in Economics and Business Administration; Financial Manager at UCSD, 25 years of experience.


Dr. Afshin Bahador, M.D.
Medical advisor

Gynecological Oncologist, South Coast Gynecologic Oncology, Inc.
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Scientific Advisors

Professor Nathalie Scholler, M.D., Ph.D.
Member of Cancer Early Detection, Stanford University.
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Professor Nissi Varki, M.D.
Pathology/Histology Consultant
Professor of Pathology at the University of California-San Diego (UCSD)
Director of the UCSD Histology laboratory.
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Professor Ulf Lindahl
Member of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences- Nobel Prize Committee
Emeritus professor at Uppsala University, Sweden.


Business Advisors

Martin Kleckner III, PhD, MBA

Business Advisor/Industry Expert

28 years of experience on senior level operations, business development and marketing in the life sciences-  LinkedIn


Adriana Manzi
Business Advisor
Board Member and Business Consultant- President of Atheln Inc. –


Website/Communications Support

Ernesto Gonzalez, MA

Website/Communications Support

Marketing Director- Lux Art Institute